Do you want speak at BSides København 2024?

The BSides København 2024 conference will be hosted physically at the IT University of Copenhagen on November 9 2024.

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Please refer to the bottom of this page for a description about how we select talks and the timeline around it.

How and when we select talks

We have officially started our Call for Papers (CfP) for BSides København 2024. In order to be transparent and eliminate any doubts as to how we evaluate talks etc., the CfP will be as followed : 

  1. Submission (15.04.2024 - 15.06.2024): Speakers can submit proposals for sessions they'd like to present at events. They must provide details such as their bio, proposed topic, session format, and any supporting materials. 

Please note that fields like title, description, etc can be used for both the evaluation and for the accepted talks also the schedule. Better and more descriptive input will help both evaluators and guests of the conference better understand the topic of the talk. 

  1. Evaluate Proposals (16.06.2024 - 30.06.2024) 

BSides København will review each proposal carefully, considering factors such as: 

  • Relevance to the event's theme or focus. 
  • Originality and creativity of the proposed topic. 
  • Speaker's expertise and experience in the subject matter. 
  • Clarity and coherence of the proposal. 
  • Costs associated with the proposal. 

The evaluation group will consist of the BSides København core team members and can be assisted by a limited number of BSides København association members. 

Note: If you have submitted a proposal, you are disqualified from participating in the evaluation process (this goes for everyone, even board members). 

  1. Shortlist Potential Speakers (<Same as the evaluation>): Create a shortlist of potential speakers whose proposals align with the event's objectives and audience interests. This shortlist is first and foremost based on the evaluation from the previous step, however the goal of this shortlist is to qualify speakers with multiple proposals and evaluate against. 

  2. Communicate with Speakers (if needed) (20.06.2024 - 05.07.2024): Reach out to the shortlisted speakers (via e-mail) to discuss their proposals further, clarify any questions or concerns, and negotiate logistics such as session format, timing, and technical requirements. 

  3. Acceptance Notification (01.07.2024 - 05.07.2024): If a speaker's proposal is accepted, they will receive a notification via e-mail from the organizer confirming their selection and providing details about their session's date, time, and format. 

  4. Speakers Confirmation (7 days from the acceptance notification): After a speaker's proposal is accepted by the event organizer, the speaker MUST confirm their participation. This confirmation step ensures that the speaker acknowledges their selection and commits to presenting at the event. Once the speaker confirms their acceptance, the organizer finalizes the session details, and it is officially included in the event's program. 

    If the speaker fails to confirm in due time, BSidesKBH has the right to move on to the next speaker on the list and we do not assume responsibility for the assumed plans the speaker made in connection with BSidesKBH. 

  5. Manage Schedule and Logistics: Coordinate with selected speakers to finalize the event schedule, confirm any remaining session details, and provide any necessary support or resources they may need for their presentations. 

BSides København does NOT take responsibility for e-mails that end up in spam folders. If you have questions or inquiries feel free to write to 

Speaker guidelines: 

  • You cannot be part of the evaluation process if you have submitted a proposal. 
  • You are allowed to submit multiple proposals. If you submit multiple proposals, only 1 can be accepted for presentation at BSides København. 
  • Sponsors can submit proposals; however, you still need to be evaluated based on the same criteria as everyone else (and speaker slots are not guaranteed to sponsors). 
  • You are allowed to submit a talk with multiple speakers; however, this needs to be clearly stated in the proposal. 
  • We expect everyone that submits a proposal to adhere to our code of conduct, before, during and after our conference. 

Ground rules: 

  • The BSides København team reserves the right to refuse, add, replace any speaker if the speaker or proposal violates our Code of Conduct or if the speaker is prevented from attending the conference by any means.